What target audience should iGaming businesses really be marketing towards?

When we think of online gamers and gamblers, we often have one image in mind – a young male between 18 and 35, perhaps in a dark room, curtains drawn, not emerging for hours.  iGaming is much more diverse than this one dimension view and as iGaming businesses if we want to keep moving forward, we cannot simply rely on stereotypes and the same old formulas. So, what are the emerging demographics and trends we should be catering our marketing efforts towards? From more female iGamers to younger players and changing attitudes, the world of iGaming is truly diversifying its audience at a rapid pace. Read on to find out more about what audience you should be targeting.  

Gen Z Market

iGamers are arguably getting younger and younger. The Gen Z market is an obvious area of growth as this demographic is now of age to gamble and so brands can begin their efforts to start building brand loyalty amongst this group. Esports betters in particular are younger than the average gambler in online casino games and slots so this is a good audience for such companies to target. The average age of an esports gambler is 21 years old so companies have to be very mindful of how they can attract this audience with their marketing campaigns and appeal to their tastes. Do this by getting to know your players better, for example how and when they play. It probably comes as no surprise that this market prefers to participate in online gambling, with 78% taking part online as opposed to in land-based casinos and 50% of those in the UK are doing so on mobile devices. If companies are to target this age group, it would be wise to look at the sort of platforms they are using to promote their services and how to engage them, whether this is through influencer marketing or other means.

The Female Market

The split between male and female iGamers is rapidly getting smaller with 58% of players being male compared to 42% female. It may still seem like quite a large difference but women are more likely to engage in iGaming than ever before so don’t overlook this category. Many brands use the stereotype of women only being interested in bingo-style gaming but this is just not the case anymore. In Europe and North America in particular, women are very interested esports betting so those in this area should look to widen their marketing efforts away from a solely male gaze. It can be a challenge to get away from the usual stereotype of sports betting and sports-related adverts in general but iGaming businesses who do so will reap the rewards. A great example of more inclusive marketing was the recent Heineken campaign which aimed to bring fans together with the slogan ‘Cheers to All Fans, Men Included.’ Companies should realise that females with an interest in iGaming are not a rare exception but simply part of the fuller landscape of fans.

Changing Cultures

As mentioned, the vast majority of iGaming advertising efforts and marketing are targeted toward young males. While they probably still make up a significant chunk of the market, other demographics should not be discounted. Across the world there are many countries that until recently were not tolerant of gambling and gamblers, even making some activities illegal. In the past few years, we have seen these attitudes and cultures start to change as iGaming becomes more acceptable and widespread. India and Indonesia for example had banned any form of gambling up until very recently so it is important that companies do their research and think about expanding to these markets. iGaming can be seen as something quite Westernised; Europe is probably still the biggest market in terms of gambling participation but other areas are not far behind. Businesses should look into how they can attract new, developing markets too. It is also worth remembering that 39% of gamblers are regulars in that they bet multiple times per week so companies may want to consider how their adverts and offers appeal to ‘seasoned pros’ as well as newcomers.

To sum up, the world of online gaming and gambling has increasingly universal appeal. Whether it be more female fans or emerging countries and markets, attitudes to iGaming are changing and businesses must follow suit. It is easy to follow the regular target audience and not change up your marketing but if you take the time to research new, potential demographics for your company you could have an edge over competitors. If you need to switch up your marketing and target audience, get in touch today.

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