How to create a successful personalised marketing strategy

Marketing agencies have been forced to evolve from the ground up. Personalisation is at the forefront of all strategies to ensure that customer experience is at its highest. However, it is staggering to learn that many marketing agencies do not factor this into their plans. Successful personalisation isn’t just creating a generic email campaign to a certain demographic, it’s much more than that. Read on to find out what market personalisation is and how this can be successful for your company. 

What is personalised marketing? 

Personalised marketing or as some people refer to it, one-to-one marketing, is the skill of using data to distribute brand messages for individual demographics. This has been a complete contradiction to traditional marketing, which usually entailed a large marketing campaign that was widely sent out to a variety of demographics. Billboards, cold calls and mailings; Traditional marketing showed agencies that sometimes quantity isn’t always the answer and instead, they should look at relevance. This has only been backed by the introduction of analytics, which has given marketers a more specific outlook on incoming data and allows them to make a more educated decision on how to move forward with their marketing strategy. 

Why choose personalised marketing? 

Long gone are the days of shoving a marketing strategy down the faces of a large audience and hoping for a positive response. In fact, research has shown that around 63% of consumers are extremely annoyed about the way that traditional marketing bombards them. More analyses show that 80% would prefer to do business with a company that tailors its marketing strategies towards them specifically. On a similar note, 90% claim that they find the idea of personalisation appealing. 


There are no set-in-stone strategies that can be followed to ensure that your marketing is personalised, however, there are some base rules that you as a company should always look at before starting your strategy. The first is that you should: 

Know their needs

  • All customers tend to expect businesses to know what their needs are. If they ask the search engine a question, they expect an answer. During every stage of the marketing process, you should ask yourself, ‘’is this what the customer wants?’’ ‘’Am I understanding their needs?’’. Surveys and questionnaires are always useful tools to scope out this sort of data. 

Remember who your audience is and what has already been done with them 

  • There is nothing worse for a client on the receiving end of a marketing strategy than when they feel like they have been forgotten about. This can occur through such actions as receiving a generalised email asking them to sign up for something that they have done already. Not only is it annoying, but it can also be worrying for the client as they wonder ‘’ Did I do something wrong?’’ ‘’Have I not signed up?’’ This is a bad user experience and is something that must be challenged by implementing personalised marketing. 

Anticipate future needs 

  • Having the privilege of knowing personal information and trends on the individual, gives the marketer the advantage to predict future trends and behaviour. Think about add-ons to these needs and what you as a business can do to make your clients’ lives even easier. 


Personalised marketing is beneficial for the company but also the client that you are marketing towards. One is that the customers are receiving relevant content. Customers dislike irrelevant marketing and for good reason. If it doesn’t have a connection to them, then they will take an instant dislike to them. Another benefit that can be drawn from personalised marketing is that they’re reminded of recent browser history. Having this knowledge, allows businesses to remarket. Remarketing is invaluable to a lot of businesses and it has been shown through research that the more you remarket your products the more likely that the target demographic will purchase it. Through personalised marketing consumers don’t just benefit from being notified about products that they have previously seen; they are also shown products/services that they never knew existed and have been tailored to suit their lifestyle. 

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