How COVID Search Trends Have Impacted SEO

Have COVID search Trends Impacted SEO?

The global pandemic has faced us with many challenges which has resulted in changes to how we do things in our everyday lives.  SEO professionals are no exception to the rule.  We have had to reassess and constantly monitor how people behave online, and also appreciate that there is now a larger thirst for knowledge when it comes to SEO than ever before.   Here are some interesting developments we have noted since the start of the pandemic.  

People are Searching for Pandemic Relating Content

Although we have been engrossed in this global pandemic for over a year now, people are still searching for information.  Google has made every effort to ensure information on COVID-19 is prioritised in their algorithms, so it is easier for users to find. Typically, if you Google questions relating to the pandemic – the first page will be filled with reliable sources including stats and figures, as well as testing info, symptom info and how to cope with the pandemic.  

Other COVID search trends have included an increase in interested in topics such as fitness, outdoor activities, and wellbeing.  We have seen huge organic search gains here.  This has actually resulted in the launch of new businesses capitalising on this new spike bolstering the health and wellbeing sector.

People are Searching for More Local Businesses

There have been a lot of local businesses who have suffered during the pandemic, there is no doubt about that.  As a result, this has sparked a new lease in loyalty to support these types of businesses by the consumer.  A recent survey by Accenture showed that 84% of people who took part stated that they would shop locally and source locally from now on.  

As a result, there has been a much stronger focus on local SEO.  Should there be any change to your business model or service due to COVID-19 – this should be updated on your website.  You should also make sure your Google My Business page is updated with business hours, and other relevant information.  

Evergreen Content is Key

Of course it’s important to target COVID related keywords, however evergreen content is still essential.  Although COVID search trends are at a high at the moment, that won’t always be the case.  You need a content strategy that will stand the test of time and provide you long-lasting results.   It could be that you look at the content you already have created and update it to make it more relevant to the current day rather than push out brand-new content.  


The pandemic has proven just how important SEO is to businesses, particularly small local businesses.  People are reliant on the internet more than ever, so now is the time to make sure your products and services are easily accessible.  

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